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Law Firm Cyber Security: A Concern Often Taken Seriously Only After It Has Taken Something Serious

Law firm cyber security seems to have only recently become a mounting concern for lawyers. That’s a bit frightening considering that cyber attacks aren’t anything new; one of the first major cyber attacks occurred a little over thirty years ago. There’s no single solution either. Attackers are constantly developing new methods to gain access to your sensitive information, and even when they are successful in breaching your security, some are as clever as to wait to strike; think Trojan Horse.

Why Are Law Firms A Hot Target For Cyber Attacks?

While the range of targets for these attackers can be quite broad, one sector stands out as the most lucrative for hackers: law firms. When you give it some thought, it makes perfect sense. Law firms exchange highly sensitive information every day, around the clock.

Let’s say someone gains access to any piece of information concerning a major case, such as a class-action lawsuit. This person or group may use the stolen data to leverage ransom of some sort, and even if the ransom is paid, there isn’t any guarantee your attackers will hold up their end of the bargain (these are thieves you’re dealing with, after all).

Cost Effective Law Firm Cyber Security

The most cost-effective and proactive solution to cyber attacks is outsourcing your cybersecurity needs to a reliable IT firm that specializes in law firm cyber security. Consumer-grade technology may be incredibly affordable, but it will leave you wide-open to a host of threats more advanced than what you purchase on shelves to help protect your business. What’s more daunting is the simple fact that the individuals behind the widely available cybersecurity software out there are often not as clever as the individuals hacking them. Another alternative would be to hire an in-house IT team.

While this may seem like an obvious solution, costs can quickly stack up before your new team is even fully established. Dedicating time away from the daily workload to hold interviews and background check/review possible candidates, hire and train your new employees to mesh with your firm’s culture, put them on your payroll and/or possibly insure them if they’re a full-time employee are all upfront costs before you’ve even had a cybersecurity measure put in place.

Balancing Cyber Security For Your Law Firm

So how do you keep a balance? Easy. Hire someone else to take care of all of that.

“Someone else,” being a managed IT service provider. These managed IT service providers typically house a team of experts well-versed on the topic of law firm cybersecurity. They can understand your specific needs and effectively execute the plans you have for your law firm’s safety and well-being. On top of that, paying a flat monthly fee for a proven team of IT experts at your disposal is much easier to swallow. An extra bonus: Competition amongst these managed service providers means you get to choose from the cream of the crop.

Now, bring things into focus: Imagine finding an IT service provider that specializes in law firm cyber security. This means having someone that can speak your language from legal lingo to programming lingo, all seamlessly brought together to effectively execute your new law firm cybersecurity plan.

Something to take seriously before something is seriously taken.

How To Choose A Cyber Security Provider

When choosing a managed service provider for law firms, you can even go as far as choosing an IT service company that specializes in IT services for law firms. IT For Law is the premier IT service provider for law firms in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach area. With expertise in cyber security for law firms and cloud computing for law offices, you can be sure that your law office will benefit from professional, reliable, and highly-responsive IT services.

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