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Cyber Security for Law Firms is what we do

Cyber security for law firms: 20+ year protecting law firms just like yours from cyber attacks

Malware and data breaches have always been a growing concern. For law firms specifically, the landscape is rapidly changing as cyber attacks become more frequent and aim at different areas of your practice, including your client’s information.

Our main goal is to minimize cyber attacks and threats to your law firm. Let’s get started


Proactive cyber security for law firms services & Solutions

  • Managed-security-services

    Managed security services

    When you outsource to a Managed Security Service Provider you’re entrusting that provider with the most sensitive pieces of information possible pertaining to your practice. Your data is our data, so we safeguard it with intrusion detection systems and firewalls, and maintain this through routine security audits.

  • 24-7-Cyber-Risk-Monitoring

    24/7 Cyber Risk Monitoring

    On average there is a cyber attack every 39 seconds, which means by the time you’ve read everything on this page an attempt on someone’s private information has been made. Since cyber attacks are an around-the-clock threat, we take an around-the-clock proactive approach to keeping your information secure.

  • Vulnerability-testing

    Vulnerability testing

    See how your firm’s security stacks up against the mounting threat of cyber attacks through cybersecurity assessments, routine monitoring, and maintenance.

  • Antivirus-software

    Antivirus software

    The measures put in place to protect you and your firm include the latest antivirus software available. Using consumer grade technology will leave your firm open to a host of cyber attacks. Not fun. Find real security, right at your fingertips.

  • Firewall


    Secure VPN access. Up-to-date systems in place to monitor and control your incoming and outgoing network traffic. If an entity is trying to pry its way through your network, you’ll be the first to know.

  • private-networks

    Virtual private networks

    Secure remote access allows for technical issues to be solved instantly by one of our technicians if need be. We’re serious about eliminating response time. Problem. Solved.

Cyber Security Assessment

10 point vulnerability assessment to
test the cyber security of your law firm

A single minute spent unable to access critical records is time that your law firm can't
bill for. Any downtime from malware or cyber attacks equates directly to lost money.

Every second, an average of 44 records containing highly sensitive information is successfully stolen from a data breach. We're here to make sure those records aren't yours.