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Law office employee training for better performance

Cybersecurity training for your law firm’s partners and associates is essential. Have your doubts? 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. Routine training for your staff could be the difference between costing your firm money in weak-link breaches or having a staff that is impeccable with record handling.

Your law firm and your clients will benefit from having better-trained employees. Let’s get started

Staff training

What our legal staff training program includes

  • Legal-software-training

    Regulations training

    Florida has mandatory cybersecurity training for state employees as required by Florida Statutes Chapter 282. We offer training tailored to you for your law firm that is regulation compliant.

  • Regulations-training

    Legal software training

    Depending on what your firm’s needs are, we can provide training relevant to the latest legal software available. Connect your partners and associates to keep everyone in the loop for an ongoing case, and properly handle cases that have been closed.

  • Cyber-threats-detection

    Cyber threats detection

    No one ever wants to fall victim to a cyberattack, especially a law firm. Nearly three-fourths of firms have not assessed the potential cost of an internal data breach and 62% haven’t estimated lost revenue. Don’t lose a single document. Our around-the-clock monitoring ensures you stay in the know regarding your cybersecurity.

Arm your employees with the necessary tools they need to keep your practice reputable and your clients safe